The Owners

Meet Room9’s owners Dave Lowndes and Claudia Hill. They both have their heart and soul in this business and show a huge commitment to the growth of the talent squad.

20 Room9 15Feb2016

Claudia HillManaging Director / Owner

Claudia Hill, CEO and co-owner of Room9, is the driving force behind Room9 - setting the direction of the firm and finding and nurturing the people who will take it in that direction. She also safeguards the quality of our outcomes and manages our business relationships to ensure that Room9 builds strong relationships, every time.

Claudia comes from a technical background. She came to New Zealand in 2003 to work for the HIT Lab (Human Interface Technology Lab) in Christchurch as a developer and 3D modeller before she moved to Hamilton to start her first business. Her in-depth knowledge of technology, passion for quality, enthusiasm for business and care for the people around her have formed and shaped Room9 to become the talent pool it is today.

10 Room9 15Feb2016

Dave LowndesDevelopment manager / Owner

Dave Lowndes, CTO and co-owner of Room9, is the technical gatekeeper at Room9, ensuring that the development department is always focused on its mission of delivering outstanding results and great customer service.

Dave has been in the web development industry for over 16 years. He started his career working on web projects for Telecom, Vodafone, Ministry of Education, NZ Post and the TAB before heading to Tokyo, Japan to join ValueCommerce, the leader in Japanese online affiliate marketing. As Senior Vice-President of R&D for ValueCommerce, Dave managed an IT team of over fifty people as well as the relationship with their Russian outsourcing partner. This vast experience enables him to make sure that every piece of work that leaves Room9 is of the high standard that our reputation depends on.


Our Values

We foster client success

When our work facilitates our clients' success, we become successful.  Everything we do - our offerings, methodologies, processes, and technological choices - is carefully researched, designed and engineered to achieve client success.


We are good people

We are honest and have strong moral and ethical principles by which we stand.

We welcome the input of our clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues because we recognise, understand, and value that they are experts in their fields.

We show our respect by means of our language and behaviour.


We stick around

We care deeply about having long term, mutually beneficial, relationships with our clients and our partners. We are committed to working with them for the long haul.


We hire and nurture talent

We hunt for talented people.  We then nurture their talents and hone their skills.  Shaping an exceptional team and providing it with the tools and time to upskill and grow is key to our success.


We play as a team

We are one talented, accomplished team and we support/mentor each other and collaborate to achieve amazing results.