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If you’re a creative and skilled IT professional who wants to join our design and development talent squad, contact us today! We may not have an opening right now but 80% of the time when we do end up needing a new team member we find someone from the pool of people we already know. Send us your email today.

We work hard to be the place where talent wants to work, so when you come on board you’ll become part of this culture and help shape it for the future. 

From the horse's mouth: Our roomies about Room9


"I love working at Room9 because I get to work on interesting and challenging projects while at the same time being able to use modern tech stack.

Management is transparent and approachable. They support your career development by encouraging you to take certifications, attend tech conferences, research on new technologies, and by sharing your knowledge through our GeekOut sessions.

Overall, it's a relaxed, distration-free, and fun place to work as a developer with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet."

Gian Basagre
Developer at Room9

Room9 has a hard working, supportive and forward looking work culture. It’s good working with like-minded individuals and for a company with a strong focus on customer service, on quality and on integrity. Having worked in IT project roles for 20 years, I am thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to work on a variety of projects, with modern technology, and to use a breadth of skills.

Lauren Morgan
Room9 Ltd

What I love about Room9 is that everyone has a computer science background, everyone’s voice is heard, and there is always a drive to learn more. As a junior software developer, I really feel part of the team. I always feel that I am contributing and appreciated, even at my level. The work environment is great, we have people from all over the world who add great personality and experience to Room9. There are always opportunities to up-skill with conferences, events, and the Geek Outs, where us developers take an afternoon to learn about a new technology.

Isaac Gilmour
Room9 Ltd

If you like to work in a nice atmosphere with welcoming and open minded people, Room9 is the place to be.

Alex Guidet
Room9 Ltd
the Room9 team outside our office

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