New Zealand's Digital Future

2017 Manifesto on New Zealand's Digital Future is worth a read

The "New Zealand Digital Future" manifesto was released today at 9am and has attracted a lot of attention from industry peers. It has been a collaborative effort by many of our leading associations and professional bodies in the New Zealand’s technology sector and it is addressing the impact digital disruption and exponential technology will have on our society.  This manifesto outlines a perspective on how government can help overcome future obstacles and achieve success for our nation.  

You can download the manifesto here:

I made sure everyone at Room9 has access to a copy and was aware of this manifesto and I am planning on discussing the challenges and opportunities outlined in this document over the next weeks with my team. 

All of us need to be prepared for what's to come and at Room9, where we work with clients facing these rapid changes on a daily basis, we have to be at the forefront of what's next.