FLINT kicks off 2018 with an event all about networking

On the 28th of February, FLINT (Future Leaders in Technology) invited Victoria MacLennan, director and owner of numerous successful businesses - including OptimalBI, FlatpakNZ and Noted Ltd, as well as advisor and board member of numerous not-for-profit organisations and industry sector groups, to run an interactive workshop with a room full of young professionals on "The Importance of Networking". The session marked FLINT's first event in 2018 and offered helpful tips, techniques and tricks to aid our emerging young industry leaders on how to perfect the art of networking and mastering a crowd.

I think even the most seasoned of professionals can agree that, at times, networking can be difficult - most especially if you’re a young professional finding your way in your chosen industry. I for one wish I’d heard Victoria’s tips some 15-years ago when I entered the business world. Even now, having already been to hundreds of networking events, I found her tips both useful and relevant. You can find out her top tips for networking here: (NB. The blog post was from her pervious FLINT presentation in Wellington, but in essence the message was the same).

Room9 is a proud supporter of FLINT. We want to help grow the IT sector and our economy; and that involves growing strong leaders too. I saw so much potential amongst this small group of young professionals last Wednesday and it excites me to think where their paths will lead.

If you’re a young professional, I’d strongly recommend you consider joining FLINT. Not only do they provide learning and networking opportunities, they also let you experience what hands on leadership is all about. To sign up, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page

Claudia Hill is the Managing Director and Owner of Room9, a Hamilton based Web Software Design and Development Company.

She is also a foundation board member of CultivateIT, a Waikato Cluster dedicated to furthering the region’s burgeoning tech industry.