Room9 Laser Tag

Wahoo... we have turned 8!

Think back to your own eighth birthday. How did you celebrate? We bet it involved lots of cake, a few friends and plenty of running around. It seemed fitting then that for Room9’s own eighth birthday this past week that we too would do something similar and befitting of ‘turning 8’.

We kicked off a fabulous afternoon of fun and frivolity with cake, before heading over to LEAP for an epic Laser Strike encounter. In a hard fought battle, Team Red (Alex, Craig, Nathan and Sarah) on 39,012 points were the victors over Team Blue (Claudia, Dave, Gian and Nick) on 34,710 points.

Individual bragging rights for the day belonged to Claudia though (aka ‘BlackWol’). Our fearless Room9 leader amassed a massive 20,959 points. Incidentally her score was more than the sum total of her three team members put together! Rounding out the top three individuals for the day were Craig (aka ‘Moana’) on 18,007 points and Sarah (aka ‘Maui’) on 10,655 points.

It’s fair to say that everyone was hot and sweaty by the end of the half hour battle, so it seemed fitting to wrap the afternoon up with a few sneaky pints and a bit of post battle banter.