Meet OUR Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

  • a photo of Claudia Hill Claudia Hill CEO
  • a photo of Dave Lowndes Dave Lowndes Development Manager
  • a photo of Alex Guidet Alex Guidet Software Developer
  • a photo of Sowmya Martin Sowmya Martin Software Tester
  • a photo of Angela Alonso Angela Alonso Art Director & Designer
  • a photo of Gian Basagre Gian Basagre Software Developer
  • a photo of Isaac Gilmour Isaac Gilmour Software Developer
  • a photo of Sarah Crocker Sarah Crocker Marketing & Admin
  • a photo of Nathan Cox Nathan Cox Software Developer
  • a photo of Nicholas Loomans Nicholas Loomans Software Developer
  • a photo of Alice Norton Alice Norton Accounts


Our Values

We foster client success

When our work facilitates our clients' success, we become successful.  Everything we do - our offerings, methodologies, processes, and technological choices - is carefully researched, designed and engineered to achieve client success.


We are good people

We are honest and have strong moral and ethical principles by which we stand.

We welcome the input of our clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues because we recognise, understand, and value that they are experts in their fields.

We show our respect by means of our language and behaviour.


We stick around

We care deeply about having long term, mutually beneficial, relationships with our clients and our partners. We are committed to working with them for the long haul.


We foster talent

We hunt for talented people.  We then nurture their talents and hone their skills.  Shaping an exceptional team and providing it with the tools and time to upskill and grow is key to our success.


We PLAY as a team

We are one talented, accomplished team and we support/mentor each other and collaborate to achieve amazing results.